About Solal & Co

We are a team that builds tailor made IT solutions for our customers, based on their requirements.

Welcome to our world!

We are Solal & Co, a digital agency in Mauritius.

Web Development, design and digital marketing are our specializations, but we do much more.

Some say we don’t sleep, eat or do anything besides leaving the office.

Why? It’s easy! Our constant thirst in developing winning strategies for our clients takes time and precision. We are here to find solution to solve our clients challenges.

Innovation runs fast in our blood. For those who don’t know us we might just be the new trend in town, for the others we are much more than a digital agency, we are the brains that make their business thrive.

What about you? You want to be part of our universe?

Our Services

Creative collaboration for your entire team.

We make sure that the end result of a project fits the purpose for which it was intended.

We make Software such as Mobile development,CRM customisation,Web development, we have developers for customising any type of open source software in – Codeigniter or Symphony.

Regardless of what your company sells, our team is here to identify your audience’s needs, and create valuable online content.

Websites that we design and build is to sell things, promote people or businesses, provide information, connect people, and store content.

Why we are different?

We are a passionate team with innovative ideas to make your business thrive among its competitors and ensure that we give out the best user-experience for your clients. We have been delivering quality websites that have been both functional and practical for our customers.


Work to Live

Our dedicated team works hard to achieve the result that you want and meet the requirements of the customer, we also make sure that we deliver on time

Make It Better

Whatever is best for the customer’s business and make sure that we recommend everything that is necessary to make their enterprise to always beone step ahead

Quality Over Quantity

We believe that what ever we give out must be the best for our customer, that’s why we choose to deliver quality over quantity.

Pixel Perfect

With all our efforts, we put day and night together and work as a team to accomplish the result that you want.

Solal Digital Marketing.

We Design, Develop and Manage with all attention to details for our clients.

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